The Anthology of Classical Myth has appeared after an enormously long gestation. Let the heavens rejoice. Buy it at or Barnes & Noble (or wherever), or exult in the ever increasing list of Addenda & Corrigenda.

Required books for the course are here and are correct for Spring semester 2004 (which is obviously now out of date!)

A project in the works is a set of online, annotated translations of some of the course readings. Currently available are samples of the writings of Antoninus Liberalis, Apollodorus, "Dares the Phrygian," Hesiod, Lucian, Lucretius, Ovid and Palaephatus.

Not myth, but related:

Have an urge to see the Greek alphabet that is well-nigh irresistible? Satisfy your craving.

Some materials and links to help students who are taking beginning ancient Greek can be found here. These include some tutorials on accentuation.

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