The History of the Fall of Troy is a work supposedly written by one "Dares the Phrygian." It purports to be an eyewitness account of the Trojan War that varies radically from what we think of as the "usual story," but we cannot take this claim seriously. It was probably written originally in Greek during the first or second centuries AD, but the text we possess is written in Latin and is almost certainly not from before about AD 500. The relation of this Latin text to the original Greek is unknown, though one can only hope that it was of higher quality-- "Dares the Phrygian" is an interesting text, but not great literature. Despite that less than resounding endorsement, however, the History is a really interesting text and of surprising importance. During the Middle Ages, when knowledge of Homer in the original was lost in Western Europe, Dares (and "Dictys the Cretan," another text that purported to be an eyewitness account) became immensely important.

History (prologue-11), covering "Dares'" version of the events leading up to the War. Note how radically different the account is from that of "standard" mythology. (A recent CSS compliant browser required)



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