Anyone who's worked in academic publishing knows the frustration of finding errors in the final product. Here is what we've found so far as we've been using the Anthology of Classical Myth. Some of these are just typos. Some were never caught in the first place. Some were caught and corrected in proof but the corrections weren't entered before printing. A very few are errors introduced at the last minute in good faith by the proofreader (who, it should be noted, caught and corrected so many more errors than were introduced [by a factor of several hundred!], that on the balance we remain tremendously grateful). A few are slips that happened while correcting other errors or are the products of sloppy cutting and pasting.


Addenda & Corrigenda:
p. xv "Brunet, whose perforce" should read "Brunet, who perforce "
p. 25 "Athena affixed a piece of wood" should read "Athena affixed to the prow a piece of wood "
p. 28 "With them the men set sail." should read "With them the men set sail at night."
p. 30 "called the Bosporos" should read "called the Bosporos after her"
p. 30 "turned her into a cow" should read "turned her into a white cow"
p. 38 "by Proteus' sons Polygonos and Telegonos" should read "by Polygonos and Telegonos, the sons of Proteus son of Poseidon"
p. 40 After "house of Hades is located." Add sentence: "He made his descent through it."
p. 43 "He and his sons all died, as did" should read "He and his sons all died in the battle, as did"
p. 43 "discovered that his daughter had had a child" should read "discovered after a search that his daughter had had a child"
p. 45 "and brought her to Crete" should read "and brought her across the sea to Crete."
p. 369 there is no reference number for 317A. It should be in the margin next to line XXX
p. 395 n. 2 "feminie" should read "feminine"
p. 400 line 28 "I laid eyes on you" should read "I laid eye on you" (Polyphemus only has one. Though the Greek text reads "I saw you" we thought this was a clever translation. Ah well. At some stage it was "corrected.")
p. 484 "so" in the last line should not be set in italics
p. 501 Under Helle the entry should read "daughter of Athamas" not "son of Athamas"
p. 508 Under Nauplios the entry should make clear that some authors (Apollodorus, for instance) do not distinguish between the two Nauplioses.



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