Presented via the link below is what we like to call our "Experimental Presentation" of Hesiod's Theogony -- or at least part of it. It's not actually that experimental, but we are trying to determine if something like this, done for the whole Theogony, would be useful for students (and other readers) and worth putting the effort into. At present, it consists only of the first 74 lines of the poem and there is a link to an evaluation form if you feel like giving input. You will need a JavaScript enabled browser.

The Theogony (JavaScript required)

If you have a more up-to-date browser (i.e., one released in the last year or so) that is CSS compliant, you can try this version which is much less clunky. Mouse over the words underlined with dashes (dotted underlines show less important words), wait a second, and a definition will appear. If you do not see the underlines or nothing appears, then you'll have to use the other link!


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